Learn about roles in Business Intelligence

Data Analyst

Data analysts are engaged in data collection and structuring, building data models and preparation of advanced analytics which explains trends occurring in data. Data analysts also facilitate decision making process for management. Analytical models built should give required insight allowing decision making. Tasks of data analyst include reporting data necessary for performance assessment of operational departments. Analysts work with large amounts of data and present it in insightful format to their stakeholders.

BI Analyst

BI Analyst works with management in order to optimize business. Person in this role analyzes KPIs in organization, its overall condition and identifies improvement opportunities within business. Everything has to be of course supported with hard data and knowledge of business. We could say that BI Analyst is focused on analytics and reporting of historical data and commenting on it. Thanks to this analysis they support organization in taking the competitive advantage but also mitigating upcoming risks. In order to back their statements they create functional dashboards that support decision making but also track company’s effectiveness in various areas.

Data Architect

Working as data architect requires good understanding of working with databases and applications supporting their development. Data architects know all phases of data modelling including defining and optimizing databases. Constant education and development in this branch is crucial. Data architect usually has education in IT or similar. Most important skills required for this role are:

  • Building data processing models and implementation;
  • Building diagrams describing data and relations between them;
  • Creating lists of components required to build system according to project.

Application Developer

Task of app developer is to build mobile application in Power Apps based on requirements gathered by business analysts. Developer is the one who translates requirements to final product that needs to be tailored with attention to every detail beginning on creating data model and its connections through implementing all logic and functions within app and ending on configuring user interface in order to provide best experience related to UI and UX.

Solution Architect

Working as Solution Architect you are required to create overall vision of solution to defined business case. Architect is obliged to point correct tools and describe working with them and of course managing the solution. Person in this role is responsible to point possibly best technology and integration so the solution will fill all the business requirements and simultaneously minimize the costs and be best optimized. This is one of major roles in technical projects.