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What can you learn with PowerBusiness?

Create workflows with Power Automate2022-11-14T11:53:27+02:00

Use Power Automate – another low-code app that allows you to create advanced workflows. Configure triggers that generate actions such as data refresh, notifications, status changes. Learn tool used to full integration of Office365 environment.

Create applications with Power Apps2022-11-14T11:53:14+02:00

Learn basics of application development with Power Apps. Integrate your applications with reporting – now data input through users can be simple and safe. Automate your work with this low-code tool. You will learn what are the principles of creating UX and UI for applications.

SQL Basics2022-11-14T11:47:45+02:00

You will learn syntax of SQL to be able to start your work with databases. With expressions described in articles you will be able to start your work with SQL and build simple queries. You will also learn how to write solid code and understand how query interacts with database.

Simple Excel tricks2022-11-14T11:47:39+02:00

Learn new formulas in Excel. Learn how to transform data in Power Query and how to build advanced charts in few simple steps. You will learn best practices of working with Excel, that will facilitate your work and improve your reports quality.

Learn Power BI2022-11-14T11:47:33+02:00

Learn possibilities of Power BI. This rapidly growing tool since 2014 is leader of BI solutions. Learn how to optimize your measures in DAX, automate data transformation from various sources, and learn advanced techniques of data visualization as well as simple tricks that will facilitate your work with Power BI.

About me

I am Grzegorz Bączyk and I am creator of PowerBusiness. I am happy that you visited my page. I am working with data analysis since 2014. I cooperated with many organizations such as Nordea, PwC, ING. I share my experiences in working with Business Intelligence tools on blog. My career is based not only on data analysis but also running courses in different companies as both internal and external trainer. I try to work with best practices and innovative methods that facilitate our work so you can expect short and simple articles that can be immediately implemented in your daily work with Power BI, Excel, or SQL.

Having question or feedback? If you do not wish to use standard form you can message me directly on my LinkedIn.

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