What is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is programming language used to querying, maintaining and storing data in databases.

Among popular database systems we can list: MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle and many more. 

What are possibilities of SQL?

  • Querying databases,
  • Creating procedures in databases,
  • Getting the data,
  • Adding data to databases,
  • Creating new databases,
  • Updating data in database,
  • Deleting the data from database,
  • Building tables within databases,
  • Authorization maintenance towards views, tables,
  • Creating views in databases.

Despite SQL is being ANSI/ISO standard there are many different versions of this language. Luckily in order to be in line with all ANSI standards, they all support main functions like SELECT, UPDATE, WHERE etc. in similar form. Important part here is that most of the database apps have their own extensions of functions towards the regular SQL.

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