What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is form of company computerization which targets to increase their competitiveness among the market. We live in times where market is flooded by huge amounts of data and BI task is to support organization in taking strategic decisions based on facts.

Data warehouses store organization’s data (transactional, HR, and others related to various processes). Data warehouses are source for BI-type applications. BI Applications are layer where data is structured. Data presented in application is not showing the decision at hand, yet it facilitates decision making for management based on hard facts.

Every BI system is being tailored exactly for company needs. Similar solutions are being utilized, yet in the end every system – just like business is different. Building this kind of system begins in discovering organization’s needs and challenges it faces. Data management is also being created in order to restrict unauthorized access to the data.

Among best and most popular BI programs we could list: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Sisense, Oracle Business Intelligence or IBM Cognos Analytics. In future posts I will be trying to share how to work with best practices in Microsoft Power BI.

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